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Whisper Sleep Liner

Made in USA

Soft Breathable Fabric

Natural Taupe Color

Average total weight 4oz (115grams)

Available in two lengths 6'0" or 6'6" (180cm or 200cm)

Very Small Stuffsac included


Our Whisper sleeping bag liner is a lightweight option for anyone looking for a compac and soft sleep sack for travel.  The material feels very nice against the skin and won't latch onto other fabrics when used inside a sleeping bag or under some blankets in the loft of a winter cabin.  It packs small enough to take along anywhere you travel, and using it in a sleeping bag will help to keep your bags lining material cleaner on extended backcountry outings.   Tapered for maximum efficiency yet the fabric is supple enough to allow your body to move throughout the night.

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