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Bags by Temperature Rating

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With over 30 bags to choose from we have made it easier for you to choose the best fitting bag. Start by judging your body size, or what kind of room you need to stay comfortable throughout the night.

Our wide cut semi-rectangular bags are named after North American Forest Trees. This is the choice for people needing lots of room regardless of weight. Some of these bags have hoods. Our wide cut mummy bags run 62" to 66" in shoulder girth and are named after North American Mammals. This is the standard cut bag for most lightweight mountaineering.

We also have a series of narrow cut mummy bags and they are named after our North American Indian Tribes and Nations. These bags provide the most savings in weight and are the most temperature efficient. They are also a more compressible package to carry around.

Our EXTREMELITE bags are easily identified by the suffix "LITE". These are the lightest weight bags available and are meant for those activities when extreme compressibility and weight are an issue.



25° to 40° bags

Mitylite semi-rectangular 40°
Highlite mummy box-stitch 35°
Caribou MF mummy box-stitch 35°
Summerlite mummy 32°
Tamarak semi-rectangular 30°
Megalite mummy 30°
Alder MF semi-rectangular 25°
Sycamore MF semi-rectangular 25°

0° to 20° bags

Alpinlite mummy 20°
Ultralite mummy 20°
Apache MF mummy 15°
Badger MF mummy 15°
Apache GWS mummy 15°
Badger GWS mummy 15°
Ponderosa MF semi-rectangular 15°
 Versalite mummy 10°
Sequoia MF semi-rectangular
Sequoia GWS semi-rectangular
Antelope MF mummy
Antelope GWS mummy
Kodiak MF mummy
Kodiak GWS mummy

-5° to -40° bags

Lynx MF mummy -10°
Lynx GWS mummy -10°
Bristlecone MF semi-rectangular -10°
 Puma MF mummy -25°
 Puma GWS mummy -25°
Bison GWS mummy -40°

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